Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some Notes on Green Building

Edward Mazria, keynote speaker at both West Coast Green, and Climate All Stars Conference, is the founder of Architecture 2030. Mazria established his non-profit organization in response to the climate crisis. Architecture 2030 hopes “to achieve a dramatic reduction in the global-warming-causing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the Building Sector by changing the way buildings and developments are planned, designed and constructed”. They’ve got a great vision, and their website is an excellent resource.

Earthship Biotecture, a New Mexico-grown phenomenon, is an interesting example of sustainable architecture. These eco-friendly living spaces are made using recycled materials. They also collect water from rain and snow, and use solar and wind power as an energy sources. Some are humble, and others are works of art.

Jay Shafer, creator of Tumbleweed Houses, presents another alternative to the average home. Shafer lives in a home of just 100 square feet in size, and designs and builds Tiny Houses as well. My favorite is the Weebee.

On another sustainability note, I came across this article about PG&E. In late July, the power company signed an agreement with Solel, which will provide customers with 553 megawatts of solar power when the Mojave Solar Park plant is completed in 2011.

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