Friday, September 7, 2007

Volunteers needed for LOSF outreach ASAP!

Hello! This is Brendan and Julia writing from the LOSF office here in the Mission. We are launching our outreach efforts starting next week and we need your help! We are looking for some active and energetic volunteers to assist us in getting our message out! Our volunteers will be “out and about” in communities throughout San Francisco spreading our message and distributing bulbs to city residents. More specifically, volunteers will be taking part in tabling sessions during the lunch hour/evening communte between Monday and Friday and also on the weekends at different events. At these sessions, volunteers will distribute literature, answer questions about LOSF from interested citizens, and assist in the distribution of CFL bulbs.

Also, we have some great INTERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES available with LOSF. See the following position description:

"Lights Out San Francisco is offering opportunities to experience and develop skills within a fun and considerate environment over the next six weeks where multi-tasking and creative solutions are encouraged. This position is the primary point in contact for the public and will have various responsibilities including: formulating strategy, community outreach, event planning, tabling, distributing light bulbs, and volunteer coordinating. An ideal candidate will be motivated and have a positive attitude. A professional phone manner and a sense of humor are also important."

Please contact either of us if you are interested in volunteering or interning! Thanks!!!



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