Thursday, September 6, 2007

Green Drinks, LOSF Happy Hour, Avaaz Petition

Today I’m writing from our new office (!). The LOSF team is getting ready to head over to Green Drinks at Varnish this evening (see Monday’s post).

We’ve got another event coming up one week from today—Happy Hour at Pete’s Tavern. They're offering us drink and food specials, and they're really excited to help Lights Out SF move this exciting plan forward. Stop by early (we’ll be there around 5pm), or stay 'til late. Suggested contribution - $20. Please pass along the Evite to anyone you think might be interested in attending. sent out an email alert requesting it’s member to sign a petition regarding the September 8-9 APEC Economic Leader summit. The petition states, “Petition To World Leaders: Climate change is the greatest threat facing our world today - and we are almost out of time to stop it. You must tackle this problem now, decisively and together. Start working toward a new global agreement this year. Set binding global targets for emissions to avert catastrophic climate change. Take bold action immediately - and we will join our efforts with yours”. Check out the petition , and add your name to the list if you support their cause.

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