Thursday, April 19, 2007

What I learned in Sydney

Two weeks ago I was traveling in Sydney Australia. To my surprise one Saturday night, the entire city, including the restaurant where I was eating, turned the lights out. I learned later that this was all part of an energy savings event called Earth Hour.

To me, this was an extraordinarily simple and effective way for the Sydney community to do something concrete about global warming and to educating the public about energy issues. Also...I loved eating in the dark and it was fun to watch all the people come out of their houses and businesses with candles to talk to each other. Lots of community building happening.

When I got back home to the San Francisco, I decided I wanted to do something similar in my city and possibly throughout the nation. So, I called a few friends and started Lights Out San Francisco.

Now...we're working together to find a way to make our goal a reality. Since we're a community-based organization, we figured we should let the public know what's going on. Stay tuned to this blog for updates on our progress and notes on who we've met along the way.